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Victory and Freedom

I am writing to express my gratitude for the outstanding job attorney Paul J. Cohen did in securing my freedom in my recent criminal case.  I am 75 years old, a Canadian citizen, and an experienced truck driver. For many years, I was an owner/operator of a tractor/trailer.  In August 2010, I needed to get the oil changed on my truck and made arrangements for a man who provided those services to do so.  It turns out that he was part of a criminal drug conspiracy, also known as a drug trafficking organization (“DTO”).  Without my knowledge, assistance or permission, one of the DTO conspirators inserted over 100 kilos of cocaine into a compartment in my truck.  The Anaheim police department had been keeping this DTO under surveillance, arresting these experienced drug traffickers.  I was caught up in the arrests and charged with conspiracy to traffic in narcotics.

Fortunately, I found attorney Paul J. Cohen.  Even though the facts looked very bleak, and my attorney told me that many juries will just convict everybody charged in a drug conspiracy, Mr. Cohen believed in my innocence and proved to be a tireless and zealous advocate.

I went to trial in September 2011 in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Paul J. Cohen succeeded in creating enough reasonable doubt that the jury was hung and unable to reach a verdict.

In spite of this result, the Los Angeles district attorney insisted on forcing me to go  through a second trial, insisting that I agree to a 20-year plea bargain in the alternative.  Mr. Cohen did not abandon me but agreed to represent me in a second trial.  On January 18, 2012, once again a jury was divided and unable to reach a verdict.  As a result, the district attorney has said he will agree to release me upon my pleading no contest and agreeing to time served.  Because of the limited days I have left on this Earth, I don’t really have any alternative except to take this plea in spite of my innocence.  Nevertheless, because of attorney Paul J. Cohen, I will be able to spend the rest of my days on Earth free, able to look up in the sky and thank my lucky stars, both for the American justice system and for attorney Paul J. Cohen.

I am overjoyed to be able to provide this recommendation of Paul J. Cohen, which I do without reservation.  Literally, he saved my life.  After all, what is life worth if you are stuck in a concrete box thousands of miles away from your friends and family, abused and treated the way I was treated while in jail for over a year and a half fighting this injustice?

-Dave K.